Your Closet…friend, or… foe?

Getting dressed shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Hunting for your favorite red hat, fumbling through a pile of sweaters, and stumbling over your shoes is not fun. If something doesn’t fit, you haven’t worn it in years, and it has been in the mending pile for months, it is only getting in your way. Life can be a non-stop, schedule-juggling, beat-the-clock race some days. How you meet the challenges of your day are affected by your mood and stress level. Being grumpy because getting dressed is the first stressor of the day, means you’re already starting from behind.


The closet should hold only your favorite, flattering, and comfortable clothing and accessories. Open the doors to a well-organized, brightly lit closet and easily pull together the best components to a ‘Looking good’ outfit. Wake up happy knowing your first struggle of the day isn’t happening in your closet.

  • Regain time for what’s truly important
  • Getting dressed is enjoyable and stress-free
  • Looking your best builds confidence

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