Maura Zimmerman is the best! I first learned about her through my husband, and at his request, Maura and I tackled the first part of our master bedroom in two sessions. The master bedroom project required that we also spend some time in my closet-which is a good size at 8 feet deep by 5 feet wide. Oh yes! I can cram way too much stuff in a space like that!

Maura was a delight and a God-send! Not only is she professional and respectful, but she is also genuine and understanding of how attached we can become to our stuff. She brought the much-needed firm voice of reason to help me let go of things I wasn’t using or didn’t need! After all, can I even wear 10 different white turtlenecks?! And why was I storing books on a bookcase in my closet! They don’t belong in the closet!

I was one year into my 15-month journey to shed 75 pounds (of fat, not clothes!), and Maura helped me greatly with “that jacket is way too big for you now.” It was clear I needed a revision to the way I was thinking about myself and my clothes. Her helpful comments helped to shift my mental paradigm, and I have recently been able to let go of even more clothes – another 90 pieces! All because I could still hear her kind and firm voice – that’s way too big for you, Shirley!

She came equipped with bins to sort items for a giveaway, throw away, and find another place in the house! Maura is that essential extra pair of hands, plus a clear, delightful mind! While I took a moment to decide on things, she was busy bagging things up. And she kept me focused! Methodically plowing through my piles, her zeal and expertise showed through, and she planted hope in my heart that I could have a sweet home again! Hubby was thrilled!

At the end of the day, we took a picture of eight large bags full of clothing! That day she was going to be driving past the Goodwill store and offered to drop the bags off for me! And she mailed the donation receipt to me! That service is definitely above and beyond!

Call her!! She’s the best!   

—Shirley M., Chesapeake

   On a weekend visit, my friend Maura organized my walk-in pantry. Maura was methodical and thorough, using containers and shelving that I had on hand. She dealt with every surface, every can, box, and bag I had tossed into my very messy pantry.

In addition to the sorting and organizing, Maura repackaged open bags into clear containers to keep them fresh. I now know, at a glance, when an item needs to be replenished. Removing the packaging from the warehouse-size boxes of instant oatmeal and lunch bag snacks freed up much-needed shelf space. The individual packets are in open baskets for easy access. Several items were relocated to places where they would be used. We replaced a dresser with open shelving, which functions better for my needs. Rarely used appliances were moved to the garage, which freed up additional shelf space. Maura was patient yet firm with helping me let go of things that were no longer useful, needed, or working.

Maura did a fabulous job, making this kitchen space usable and efficient. The true test is that now, 2 years later, the organization plan is still working; my pantry remains organized, pleasant, and clutter-free.   

—Elizabeth F.D., Sterling

   As a very busy business owner and father of five, time is a premium and having an organized space is part of that efficiency. My challenge was I didn’t have that organization in my home office space, it was driving me crazy and adding to my stress. I needed a solution.

I reached out to Maura and was met with a pleasant and prompt response. Maura listened and was quick to lay out her plan of attack. As a business owner for over 20 years, it’s easy to spot someone who truly has the “it” for getting things done. Maura demonstrated that “it” over the phone and I was sold. She gave me some homework and we set the date.

Maura was right on time (which means she was early) and we got started. As an aside, Maura came ready to work with bins and a plan and we got to getting things done! I can tell you it wasn’t easy for me to let some things go, but I learned a lot about myself. After 7 hours, spread over two sessions, my home office is not only organized, it looks GREAT! Everything has a place and my stress over that space is gone (my wife is really happy too)! Mission accomplished.

I would highly recommend Maura for any organizing job you may have. She will tell you what she believes she can get done and what your role will be. I found Maura to be honest, capable, and moderately priced. If you’re looking for a reliable organizer look no further – Maura is your solution.   

—Hank H., Virginia Beach

   Working with Maura was such a wonderful experience. She was very intentional about making the most of our time. Maura worked with me to find reasonable solutions for storage and organization that I already owned rather than making a huge list of containers to purchase. I truly appreciated her sincere concern for our overall budget and looking out for our best interests. She was very professional and polite in following up with me to schedule a time that worked for both of us to meet and get to work. Maura helped me to separate, remove what was unnecessary, and reorganize the space in a way that is systematic and makes sense to me! I have been a very “functional” disorganized person my entire life, but I finally have clarity about how to organize my home office. Thank you so much, Maura, I love working and homeschooling in our newly organized space!   

—Samantha A., Virginia Beach

   I have known Maura for close to 15 years as a friend and partner in organizing our fellowship’s retreats. She has a natural talent and attention to detail from her previous work with project management and finance. Her favorite store is The Container Store. When I looked at my closet, I didn’t know where to begin; I thought it would take all day to organize so I called Maura for help. Everything has a proper place and she knows what to put where. Probably the best part of Maura’s organizing work is that she truly loves doing it. It brings her joy to bring joy to others.

Maura has organized my kitchen, bedroom closet, laundry room, and guest room. The other savvy thing about Maura’s work is her creativity to make use of what I already have, e.g. bowls, bags or baskets to complete the puzzle and make the space more functional. When you hire Maura for help with organizing, she will work carefully and lovingly with you to rediscover the peace in your home.   

—Courtney J., Chesapeake

   It had been years since we could park even one car in our 2-car garage. It was such a mess that we had to keep our bikes in the house. My wife and I work; the weekends are for spending time with our 2 kids. But we were tired of parking in the elements like rain, heat, snow, and frost. We wanted our garage back. Just looking at the garage overwhelmed us.

We called Maura Zimmerman, the Home Sweet Home Organizer. Maura came over, quoted us and set up a time to begin our garage organization project. It was work, for all of us. After the first session, we could walk through the garage again. After the second session, we could park in the garage again. Then after the last session, we could easily access every single tool and storage item with ease.

Having an organized garage has helped us in other areas of our lives. Now that I can find my tools and use my garage, I have been able to: fix broken furniture and appliances, take down the broken swing set, clean up the deck, repair the fence, take better care of the yard, and more.

With our organized garage, the kids can ride their bikes without asking us to take them out of the front hallway and down the front porch steps. We can use our garage refrigerator again making fewer trips to the store. And the best is being able to park inside the garage again. Let it rain, sleet, and snow, parking indoors is wonderful!

Our friends and neighbors have noticed the change in our garage, yard, and house. Several have asked for Maura’s contact information. If you’ve read this far, the odds are that you need a home organizing professional. If so, my entire family recommends Maura Zimmerman and you should call her now. You will be so happy that you did.   

—Dave F., Virginia Beach

   First, I would like to address what a sweet and lovely person Maura is to invite into your home! My one-and-a-half-year-old daughter was with us that day and she normally does not take easily to strangers. However, she loved Maura right away and couldn’t wait to share her toys with her. I felt like I had a friend over helping me with my organization project.

And of course, I would like to thank Maura for her talents. Our first organization project was tackling the upstairs hall closet, as well as the main bathroom. The closet had become a dumping ground for a lot of stuff since we moved in January of this year. Maura was methodical and started by sorting and helping me to decide, which items should stay or go, including many expired over-the-counter medicines. By making use of the bins and baskets I already had, she saved me the cost of new storage items. Maura not only organized what remained in a way that made sense, but my bathroom and closet are now uncluttered and look great!

The following week I was feeling under the weather. This time, though, there was no added stress of digging through the closet to find what I needed. Instead, I was able to reach into the closet and find the items easily because I knew exactly where everything was! I’m excited to see what Maura does with my kitchen organization the next time I have her over! I think about Maura every time I go from cabinet to cabinet looking for ingredients while I’m cooking!

Thank you, Maura, for everything! I love the passion and excitement you show about what you do!   

—Liz A., Hampton