Organizing is my passion, it is my life’s work to help clients bring a sense of peace, contentment, and order to their homes and lives. Ever since HGTV’s Clean Sweep with Peter Walsh, I’ve dreamed about becoming a professional organizer. So, in February 2018, I started Home Sweet Home Organizer out of my love for organizing and living a service-focused life. Not too many people get excited about folding a fitted sheet or get happy to see that books are in library-order on the shelves. And can we talk about a garage you can park in?

I’ve organized everything from pantries to garages, email to laptops, and everything in between. It starts with sorting, moves to releasing, and finishes with organizing. Turning client tears and frowns to smiles and relief, is very rewarding.
Think about this:

  • Would you rather have a coffee station where everything is within arm’s reach OR have to bounce around the kitchen pulling it all together while you’re half asleep?
  • Would you rather have 3,000 emails in your inbox OR a system of folders that sorts your email for you and gets rid of the junk?

I’m particularly skilled with clients who are dealing with grief and clutter. I have personal knowledge of the grief-clutter-connection. After suffering a loss (e.g., death, divorce, retirement) clutter will soon follow. Sometimes the everyday vanilla-type of clutter is made worse by the loss and sometimes the clutter is borne of loss. I coined the phrase #GriefClutter to describe this very situation. I help my clients see that while we lessen their clutter, they are lessening their grief.

I am blessed to work with amazing clients who invite me into their homes and lives and open up to share their experiences with loss. I offer gentle, loving, yet firm guidance to teach that when we lessen the clutter, we lessen the grief. One client had surrounded herself with extreme clutter after her divorce. It was a very special moment as she finally displayed some of her beloved items and when she shared, “It’s like having a new home,” I was humbled to have played a part.

By removing emotionally damaging clutter, we empower each family to realize their own idea of ‘Home Sweet Home’.


  • I’m a New Yorker, born and raised. Go Yankees!
  • I love dogs and cats and being organized.
  • I live in Suffolk, Virginia, known as ‘Coastal Virginia.’
  • I love wildlife, birding, and gardening, and did someone say Scrabble?


Our mission is to share our expertise, improve the efficiency of our clients’ homes, and create peaceful spaces, where serenity and positive energy are found. We deliver the right solutions for our clients’ organizing challenges, with integrity, originality, and caring hearts.


We promise to always provide 100% confidentiality and judgment-free service. When you choose to work with Home Sweet Home Organizer, you are making an investment in your family’s home and peace of mind. Our home organizing services begin with a 30-minute Complimentary Consultation. Then an Advanced Needs Assessment is scheduled that includes a plan of the work, the establishment of a timeline, and the creation of a solution that works for you. We simplify the home organizing process with a clearly laid out plan of action.