The Garage…multi-tasking useful space, or… dumping ground?

There was a time when parking your car in the Garage was as natural as breathing, but you can’t remember that far back. Now it’s filled with boxes of stuff that were supposed to be donated 3 months ago; you’re carrying groceries around to the front door in the pouring rain, and in the corner stands your son’s bicycle (on training wheels) – he’s driving now.


The Garage is a built-in workhorse that’s ready and willing to be whatever you want/need it to be. Set up the woodworking area, build the raised beds, and harvest your home-grown peppers and tomatoes. All your tools are neatly organized inside the beautiful red toolbox. The bicycles are hanging securely on the wall. The boxes and totes have only what you need and want, are clearly labeled, and are off the floor. Pull straight into your Garage without worrying about hitting something.

  • Enjoy building and creating that bookcase for the guest room
  • All the sports equipment is in one place
  • Re-pot plants on your potting table, not your kitchen table

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