Your Office… does it work for or against you?

Your dream of entrepreneurship while working from home has finally become a reality, but it has quickly become a nightmare! Your filing system is more of a piling system that has taken over every flat surface (including the floor). You cannot find the maintenance contract for the HVAC system and important documents are nowhere to be found. All the ‘I-don’t-know-where-to-put-this’ items have taken over the closet. There is an ugly collection of power cords, USB cables, and extension cords peeking out from under the desk. You’re accessing each of your email accounts from 3 different access portals. You downloaded forms to keep you organized but cannot find them. Icons of your business documents are all over the computer’s desktop blocking the picture of the Grand Canyon.


An organized office allows you to make the most of your precious time and helps to increase your productivity. As a happy space, it invites you in and enables you to be creative. An uncluttered desk allows your attention to remain on the task at hand. A freed-up corner becomes a reading nook or a relaxation spot where you can clear your mind. An organized computer is the tool it was meant to be. You connect to friends and family and have a better sense of security. Always find the exact email you need, when you need it. Paper files have been replaced with digitized searchable versions on the cloud and you’ve donated 2 file cabinets.

An inviting home office contributes to your positive outlook. Feel supported by your personal space to do your best work. Enjoy the work you love and increase your opportunities for success. Rejoice that the stressors of a cluttered office, as well as the clutter, have disappeared.

  • Enjoy your work again
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduce the junk and spam in your Inbox
  • Increased security knowing where your important documents are filed

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