Organizing Your New Home

Setting up your new home is a very exciting time. Sometimes, though, empty cabinets, closets, and drawers can be overwhelming. Where do I put everything? What goes where? In order for there to be efficient flow, it makes sense to have the items where or as close to where they will be used. So, in the kitchen, we’ll create the baking station near the oven. Let’s put the coffee station near the sink for easy filling; the coffee, cups, sweeteners, filters, and refillable K-Cups are in the cabinet above and the drawer below. Let’s organize everything so that there is an efficient flow in the kitchen, the most highly trafficked room in the home.


  • Enjoy your new space sooner than later.
  • Packing materials and boxes are donated or recycled.
  • Artwork and pictures are hung to create your Home Sweet Home!

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