Myths About Being Organized

Myths About Being Organized

Are you forever losing your keys or important documents? Perhaps you’re infamous for your inability to turn up to meetings on time? Don’t fret. Although organizing your life can feel tricky at times, it doesn’t have to be rocket science. We’ve busted a few common myths to help you embrace your inner organizational guru and improve your quality of life.

Myth #1. Some people are destined to be disorganized

There is no such thing as an inherently disorganized person. While certain physical and emotional barriers could impact a person’s organizational skills, such as a long-term illness or mental health issue, most people have the capacity to get their affairs in order when equipped with the right knowledge. Once you learn a few organizational rules, you’ll easily find the time and space to get things done.

Myth #2. Being organized is all about being neat

Although it is possible to be both neat and organized, neatness can cover up a variety of sins. A neat pile of papers, for example, could be full of stray documents and unsystematized work. Remaining organized means knowing precisely where stuff is so you can easily find it when you need it.

Myth #3. Staying organized is all about rigid scheduling

Don’t overload your schedule with granular tasks, as this could feel overwhelming and impact your ability to remain organized. Granting yourself at least a little free time every day will allow for moments of spontaneity and fun.

Myth #4. Organized people are boring

This myth couldn’t be further from the truth. Organized people often make the most of life as they avoid wasting time. Just think about how much time it can take to reschedule an appointment or find a lost passport! Careful planning will give you the freedom to pursue your passions.

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